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How to spelling support reading & writing 1

In this part, you will find out more about letters and sounds. You will also find some rules to help you spell words correctly.

Vowels and consonants
The letter a e i o u are called Vowel letters.
These vowels can make a short sound or a long sound.
All the other letters in the alphabet are called consonant letters.
Basic: If you forget which letters are vowels, think of:
an angry elephant in orange underpants.
(xem chi tiết phần phonics #1, #2, #3)
How to spell the short vowels sounds
The short vowel sounds are spelt with just one letter.
The sound /a/ as in ant is spelt with a.
The sound /e/ as in hen is spelt with e.
The sound /i/ as in insect is spelt with i.
The sound /o/ as in orange is spelt with o.
The sound /u/ as in umbrella is spelt with u.
How to spell the short consonant sounds
(xem chi tiết phần phonics #1)
Most consonant sounds are spelt with one consonant letter, but some are spelt with two.
Sound Letter(s) as in...
/b/ b bat
/c/ c, k cake
/ch/ ch chips
/d/ d dig
/f/ f fish
/g/ g gorilla
/h/ h hat
/j/ j jelly
/l/ l leg
/m/ m mice
/n/ n net
/ng/ ng king
/p/ p pin
/qu/ qu queen
/r/ r rat
/s/ s sun
/t/ t tent
/th/ th thin
/v/ v vet
/w/ w win
/x/ x exit
/y/ y yell
/z/ z zip
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