Wednesday, 9 November 2016

How to spelling support reading & writing 3

In this part, you will find out more about letters and sounds. You will also find some rules to help you spell words correctly.

Sounds (phonemes)
Letter that represent the sounds (graphemes)  Examples of the sounds in words
o o, a (after 'w'), a on, was, quad
oa oa, ow, oe, o, o-e, ough, ol boat, grow, toe, go, home, though, folk
oo (long) oo, ew, ue, o, ou, ough, ui boot, grew, blue, to, soup, through, fruit
oo (short) oo, u, oul look, put, could
or or, aw, au, ore, al, augh, ough, our, oor, oa, ure, ar, a for, saw, Paul, more, talk, caught, thought, four, door, broad, sure, wardrobe, water
oi oi, oy coin, boy
ow ow, ou, ough cow, out, drought
p p, pp pen, happy
r r, rr, wr, rh rat, carrot, write, rhyme
s s, ss, c, sc, st sun, miss, cell, scent, listen
sh sh, s, ssi, ti, ci, ch, ce shop, sure, mission, mention, special, chef, ocean
t t, tt, -ed, th, bt tap, butter, jumped, Thomas, doubt
th th thin
th th, the then, breathe
u u, o, ou, oe, oo up, son, young, does, blood
ur ur, er, ir, or (after 'w'), ear, our, ere hurt, her, girl, work, learn, journey, were
v v, f, ve van, of, have
w w, u, wh wig, penguin, what
y y, i yes, onion
y (oo)  ue, ew, u, u-e, eu rescue, news, uniform, cube, feud
y (ure) ure pure
z z, zz, s, se, ze, ss, x zip, buzz, is, please, breeze, scissors, xylophone
zh si, ge vision, beige
schwa the ' schwa - a' sound which is closest to u and represent by many different letters corner, pillar, motor, famous, favour, murmur, about, cotton, happen, centre, thorough

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