Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Why do Americans love their flag?

Dr Adam Smith, Senior Lecture in History at UCL, tells the story of The Stars and Stripes and explains how it became " an incredibly emotional symbol of a nation"
when American think about their own history they unavoidably think about icomic moments in which flag is at the center there have been other symbol have come and gone over year the bald eagle, the goddess liberty but the American flag has been the one that is endearing it's an incredibly emotional symbol  of the nation.
During the revolutionary war which broke out in 1775 ship wanted to show the fact they were Pattchet's no longer loyal to their King stitched white stripes across the red background of the Royal ensign and so that they were the origins of the first American flag in 1777 the continent Congress replace the Union Jack with the stars of 13 colonies and they regular eyes the red and white stripes for each of the colonies that were in rebellion against for English crown. 13 stripes always remained the same but with each new state and additional white stars was added some more in a 50 stars.
The American anthem is a song about the flag the flag is present on people's doorsteps in every public occasion, in every school, it flies at sporting event, people stand and sing the national anthem before baseball, game, they raise their right hand over their heart and turn their eyes towards the flag. So it has a presence it has a a tangible presence in American culture. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both want to be associated with American flag whether  you're Republican or Democrat the most important thing to have legitimacy in American polities first and foremost to stay. I'm a patriot, I believe in the nation and by far the easiest we're doing is to wrap yourself figuratively in the flag. 
- endear (v): to make dear:  được yêu mến, khả ái
- revolutionary (n):  a revolution against government: cuộc cách mạng
- crown (n): the royal governing power of a country that has a King or Queen, ngôi vua
- tangible (a): real or definite, hữu hình
- foremost (a): important, most famous, đầu tiên, trước tiên
- patriot (n): a person who loves his country, người yêu nước 
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