Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Primary Science - Human 1

The traditional subjects science included in the standards are physical, chemical, life, earth, space and human sciences...
Đây cũng là một trong những kiến thức mà trẻ sẽ được test tại các kỳ thi SATs. Phần này được lấy từ kênh giáo dục của UK về Science, bé nào quan tâm về Science thì có thể học thêm tại đây.
What are the parts of the human body?
Your body is amazing. It is made up a lots of different parts that do different jobs.
Parts of the Human Body
The Major organs of the human body What do Human need to stay healthy 
Staying healthy will help you to fell happier and stronger.
There are lots of things you can do to stay healthy.
You need to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. You also need to do lots of exercise and get enough sleep. You need to keep yourself clean, too. 

What are the Senses?
Your senses allow you to explore the world around you. There are five senses: seeing, listening, touching, tasting and smelling.
Your senses let you see the words in your favorite books, listening to song, touch things and taste and smell foods. 

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