Tuesday, 8 November 2016

How to spelling support reading & writing 2

In this part, you will find out more about letters and sounds. You will also find some rules to help you spell words correctly.

Letter that represent the sounds
Example of the sounds in words
a a ant
ai a, ai, ay, a-e, ey, ei, eigh, aigh apron, rain, day, make, they, veil, weigh, straigh
ar ar, a, al, are, au, ear farm, father, calm, are, aunt, heart
air air, are, ear, ere fair, care, bear, there
b b, bb bat, rabbit
c (see k) c, k, ck, ch, qu cat, kit, duck, school, mosquito, queue
ch ch, tch, t chip, match, future
d d, dd, -ed dog, muddy, pulled
e e, ea, ie, eo, a egg, head, friend, leopard, any
ee ee, ea, e, ie, e-e, ei feet, sea, he, chief, these, ceiling
ear ear, eer, ere, ier dear, deer, here, pier
f f, ff, ph, gh fan, puff, photo, rough
g g, gg, gu, gh, gue go, bigger, guitar, ghana, catologue
gz x exam
h h, wh hen, who
i i, y, o, u, e if, gym, women, busy, pretty
igh igh, ie, y, i-e, eigh, eye, I, ye, y-e night, tie, my, like, find, height, eye, I, goodbye, type
j j, gi, gy, ge-, -ge, dge, gg jet, giant, gym, gem, garage, badge, suggest
ks x fox
kw qu queen, question
l l, ll, le leg, bell, bottle
m m, mm,mb,mn map, hammer, lamb, autumn
n n, nn, gn, kn net, funny, gnat, knock
ng ng, n ( before k) ring, pink
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