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exercise about tenses:

Exercise 1 : use the simple present or present progessive of verb:

  1. diana can’t come to the phone because she (wash)---is washing---- her hair
  2. diane (wash)---washes-------- her hair every other day or so
  3. kathy (sit, usually) -------usually sit-----in the front row during class, but today she (sit)-----is sitting------ in the last row
  4. please be quiet . I (try)—am trying------ to concentrate
  5. (look, you, always) –do you always look---the door to your apartmwnt when you leave?
  6. I wrote to my friend last week, she hasn’t answered my letter yet. I (wait, still)-still wait--for a reply
  7. after three days of rain, I’m glad that the sun (shine)----shines---again today
  8. every morning, the sun (shine)----shines----in my bedroom window and (wake)-wake---me up
  9. A: look! It (snow)-is raining-----
  10. B: it’s beautiful! This is the first time I’ve seen snow, it (snow, not)-don’t snow-----in my country
  11. mike is a student,but he (go, not)-doesn’t go- to school right now because it’s summer. He (attend)---attends-----college from september to May every year, but in the summer he (have. usually) usually have----a job at the post office. In fact, he (work)-is working---there this summer.
  12. I can’t afford that ring. It (cost) ---costs------ too much
  13. look. It (begin)—is begining--to rain. Unfortunatery, I (have, not)don’t have---my umbrella with me. Tom is lucky. He (wear) is wearing---a raincoat
  14. I (own, not)------don’t own-- an umbrella. I (wear)-wear-- a waterproof hat on rainy days
  15. right now I (look)-am-looking-- around the classroom. Yoko (write) are writing---in her book. Calos (bite)-----is biting-- her pencil. Wan-ning (scratch)-is scatch-- his head. Ahmed (stare)—is staring-out the window. He (seem)-seems-------to be day dreaming but perhaps he (think)—is thinking---hard about verb tenses. What (think, you)---do you think---Ahmed (do)-do--?
  16. there’s a book in my desk, but it (belong, not)—don’t belong----to me
  17. dennis (fix)--fixs---the roof of his house today and he (need)---needs-some help. Can you help him?
  18. barbara (tutor, often)-often tutor--- other students in her math class. This afternoon she (help)-----helps ---steve with his math assignment because he (understand, not)-doesn’t understand-----the material they (look)--look----on in their class this week.
  19. right now I (look)-am looking--- at Janet. She (look)-looks--angry. I wonder what’s the matter. She (have)---- has---- frown on her face. She certainy (have, not)-----doesn’t have-any fun right now.
  20. a: who is that woman who (stand)-are standing-----next to the window?

B: which woman? (talk, you)----do you talk----about the woman who (wear) wears----the blue and gold dress?

A: no, I (talk, not)—don’t talk --about her. I (mean) mean---the woman who (wear)-wears----------the blue suit

B: oh, I (know, not)—don’t know---I (recognize, not) don’t recogize--her

21. A: close your eyes. Now listen carefully. What (hear, you)-do you hear--? What (do, I )-do I do----?

B: I (belive)---belive---you (rub)----rub---the top of your desk with oyur hand

A: close but not exactly right. Try again. (listen, you) ---do you listen---carefully?

B: aha! You (rub)-rub----------------your hands together.

A; right

Exercise 2: use simple past or past progressive

    1. I am sitting in class right now. I (sit) set-- in class at this exact some time yesterday
    2. I don’t want to go to the zoo today because it is raining. The some thing happened yesterday. I (want, not)—didn’t want--to go to the zoo because it (rain)-was raining----
    3. I (call)---called---roger at nine last night, but he (be, not)-wasn’t--at home. He (study)—was studing----at his library
    4. I (hear, not) didn’t hear---the thunder during the storm last night because I (sleep)------was sleeping
    5. it was beautiful yesterday when we went for a walk in the park. The sun (shine)-shined----. A cool breeze (blow) blowed----.the bird (sing)-song----
    6. my brother and sister (argue)—were arguing--about something when I (walk)-------walked----
    7. I got a package in the mail. When I (open)-opened--------it, I (find)-were finding---------a surprise
    8. tommy went to his friend’s home but the boy (be, not)-wasn’t--there. They (play)-was playing--------soccer in vacant lot down the street
    9. stanley (climb)-was climbing--the stairs when he (trip)-tripped---and (fall) fell-. Luckily, he (hurt, not) didn’t hurt---himself
    10. while mrs. Emeson (read)—was reading--thelittle boy a story, he (fall) was falling-sleep, so she (close)-closed--the book and quietly (tiptoe) tiptoed--out of the room
    11. I really enjoyed my vacation last january. While it (snow)—was snowing--in iowa, the sun (shine)—was shining---in flarida. While you (shovel)- were shoveling--snow in iowa, I (lie) was lying----on the beach in florid
    12. while tel (slovel) was sloveling-snow from his driveway yesterday, his wife (bring)—was bringing---him a cup hot chocolate
    13. I (have, almost)—had almost---a cry accident last night. I (drive)-was driving-down washington avenue when suddenly I (see)--saw---a car in ly lane. I (come)--came---right to my car. I (step)--steped-on the brackes and (swerve)-----swerved--to the right. The other cry (miss, just) just missed---my car by about an inch
    14. ten years ago, the govement (decide)-decided--to begin a food program. At that time , many people in the rural areas of the country (starve)-were starving--due several years of drought
    15. it was my first day of class. I (find, finally)-found finally--the right room. The room (be, already)—was already----full of students. On one side of the room, stusents (talk, busily)—took busily---to each other in spanish. Other students (speak)--spoke--japanese ad some (conerse)-conersed---in arabic. It sounded like the united nationn. Some of the students however, (sit, just)-just set---quietly by themselves. I (choose)----chose---an empty seat in the last row and (sit)---set--down. In a few minutes, the teacher (walk)-walked--into the room and all the multilinggual conversation (stop)—was stopping---------
    16. A: (hear, you)-----did you hear-what she just said?

B: no, I (listen, not)-didn’t listen--I (think) was thinking -about something else

    1. A: why weren’t you at the meeting?

B: I (wait)—was waiting--for an overseas call from my family

    1. A: I’m sure you met carol jones at the party last night.

B: I don’t rememer her. What (wear, she)-did she—wear?

    1. what’s wrong with your foot?

B: I (step)—was stepping---on a bee while I (run)-was runing---barefoot through the grass. It (sting) stinged---me

    1. A: how ( break, you)—did you break--your arm?

B: I (slip)—was slipping--on the ice while I (cross) was crossing---the street in front of the dorm

Exercise 3: use the simple past or present perfect

  1. al (go)--went----to a party at sally’s apartment last Saturday night
  2. bill (arrive)--arrived----here three days ago
  3. bill (be)—has been---here since the 22nd
  4. try not to the absent from class again for the rest of the term, you (miss,already) have already missed----too many classes. You (miss)-missed---two classes just last week
  5. last january , I (see)--saw---snow for the first time in my life
  6. in her whole lifetime, anna (see, never)---have never seen---snow
  7. I (know)—have known--greg adams for ten years
  8. so far this week, I (have)-have had---two tests and a quiz
  9. up to now, proffessor willams (give) has given--our class five tests
  10. what (learn, you)-have you learnt--since you (come) came---here? How many new (make, you)—did you make---? I hope you (meet, already) have already meet---a lot of interesting people
  11. since classes began, I (have, not)-haven’t had---much free time. I (have)-have had--several big tests to study for
  12. last night my roomate and I (have)--had-some free time, so we (go)--went--to a show
  13. I admit that I (get)-have gotten-older since I last (see)----saw--you but with any luck all, I (get, also)-also got--wiser
  14. the science of medicine (advance)-advanced--a great deal in the ninteenth century
  15. since the beginning of the twentieth century, medical scientists (make)-have made-many important discoveries
  16. libraties today are different from those in the 1800s, for example, the contents of libraties (change)--changed---greatly through the years. In the 1800s, libraries (change)--changed--simply collections of book. However, today most libraries (become)—have become----multimedia centers that contain tapes, computers, disks, films, magazines, music and paintings. The role of the library in society (change, also)---also changed---. In the 1800s, library (be)-was-open only to certain people such as scholars or the wealthy. Today libraries serve everyone
  17. are you talking chemistry 101 this semester?

No, I (take, already)-have already taken--it, I (take)-----took--it last semester. This semester I’m in 102

  1. hi, judy. Welcome to the party. (meet, you, ever)—have you ever meet--my cousin?

No, I --------haven’t---

  1. do you like lobster?

I don’t know. I (eat, never)-have never eaten---it

do you do much traveling?

yes, I like to travel

  1. what countries (visit, you)-did you visit---?
  2. well, I (be)----was--in india, turkey, Afghanistan and nepal among others.

I (be, never)-have never- been--in any of those countries. When (be, you)—were you-in india?

Two years ago. I (visit, also)—also visited-many of the countriesin central america. I (take)--took---a tour of cetral merica about six years ago

Which coutries (visit, you) did you visit-?

Guatemala, el salvador, honduras and nicaragua

I (want, always)-always wanted--to travel to other countries but I (have, not)--hadnt---the opprtunity to travel extensively. I (go)---went--to england six years ago but I (go, not)-haven’t gone---anywhere since then

Exercise 4: use present perfect or present perfect progressive

1. it (snow)—has been snowing---all day. I wonder when it will stop

2. we (have)-have been having---three major snowstorms so far this winter. I wonder how many more we will have

3. it’s ten pm. I (study)have been studying--for two hours and probly won’t finish until midnight

4. I (write)—have written--them three times but I still haven’t received a reply

5. I (live)—have lived--here since last march

6. the telephone (ring)—has been ringing---four times in the last hour and each time it has been for my roomate

7. the telephone (ring)-----has rung--for almost a minute. Why doesn’t someone answer it?

8. the little boy is dirty from head to foot because he (play)---has been playing--in the mud

9. (be, you)-have you had not-able to reach Bob on the phone yet?

10. not yet. I (try)—have tried--for the last twenty minutes but the line (be)—has been--busy

11. hi, jenny. I (see, not)----haven’t seen--you for weeks. What (do, you)-have you done---lately?


12. what are you going to order for dinner?

Well, I (have, never)-have never had--pizza so I think I’ll order that

13. what’s the matter? Your eyes are red and puffy. (cry, you)-have you cried----?

No, I just finishes peeling some onions

14. dr. jones is a good teacher. How long (be, he)—has he been---at the university?

He (teach)—has been teaching--------here for twenty five years

Exercise 5: use the simple past or the past perfect

1. he (be)-had been---a newspaper reporter before he (become)-became---a businessman

2. I (feel)---fell---a little better after I (take)-had taken------the medicine

3. I was late. The teacher (give, already)—had already given-a quiz when I (get)--------got--to class

4. the anthropogist (leave)—had left--the village when she (collect)--collected---enough dat

5. it was raining hard, but by the time class (be)-was--over, the rain (stop)--stopped--

6. class (begin, already)-had already begun--by the time I (get)--got---there so I (take, queitly)—took quietly---seat in the back

7. millions of year ago, dinosaurs (roam)---roamed--the earth, but they (become)—had become---exinct by the time humankind first (appear)-appreared-----

8. I (see, never)—had never seen--any of picasso’s paintings before I (visit)--visited---the art museum

9. I almost missed my plane. All of the other passengers (board, already)-had already boarded-by the time . I (get)-----got--there

10. yesterday at a restaurant, I (see)----saw---pam donneylly, an old friend of mine .I (see, not)-hadn’t seen-her in years. At first, I (recognize, not)---hadn’t recognize-----her because she (lose)--losed---at least fifty pounds

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