What is Listening?

Listening is receiving language through the ears. Listening involves identifying the sounds of speech and processing them into words and sentences. When we listen, we use our ears to receive individual sounds (letters, stress, rhythm and pauses) and we use our brain to convert these into messages that mean something to us.

Listening in any language requires focus and attention. It is a skill that some people need to work at harder than others. People who have difficulty concentrating are typically poor listeners. Listening in a second language requires even greater focus.

Like babies, we learn this skill by listening to people who already know how to speak the language. This may or may not include native speakers. For practice, you can listen to live or recorded voices. The most important thing is to listen to a variety of voices as often as you can.

Listening is the first of the four language skills, which are:
  1. Listening
  2. Speaking
  3. Reading
  4. Writing
In our own language, listening is usually the first language skill that we learn.

To become a fluent speaker in English, you need to develop strong listening skills. Listening not only helps you understand what people are saying to you. It also helps you to speak clearly to other people. It helps you learn how to pronounce words properly, how to use intonation, and where to place stress in words and sentences. This makes your speech easier for other people listening to you to understand!

Methods of improving/practising English listening skill

📌 Bước 1: NGHE ĐẠI Ý
Nghe từng phút; không ghi chép; nghe lấy nội dung chính của bài nói: - không hiểu được cũng không sao - chuyển quan bước 2

  • Chuẩn bị giấy và bút
  • Nghe lượt 2: chỉ note lại DANH TỪ và ĐỘNG TỪ - phần còn lại không quan tâm  Nghe chưa được tạm dừng và tua lại
  • Để khoảng chống giữa các từ tương đối thưa và các dòng - lát mình bổ sung
📌 Bước 3:Nghe SỐ của DANH TỪ - Thì của ĐỘNG TỪ
Nghe lại từ đầu, chú trọng thì của động từ, danh từ số ít hay số nhiều - hai cái cốt lỗi của tiếng Anh

📌 Bước 4: Nghe BỔ SUNG: MẠO TỪ, TỪ NỐI... những cái còn lại
Nghe lại lẫn nữa

Listen to the following sharing honest videos.

Part 1

Part 2

Cách luyện nghe theo thầy giáo Dương, kênh SpeakOnly.

Resources for practising the listening skill

  1. IELTS Listening - trang soạn riêng cho luyện kĩ năng nghe IELTS
  2. News in Easy English – Easy News for ESL Listening
    This site designs slow and fast level reading. It's suitable for beginners.
  3. TED - YouTube
    This channel provides advanced videos that are suitable for immediate levels.

The list of listening exercises in this blog

  1. Steve Jobs talking marketing strategy
  2. Steve Jobs told that computers are like a bicycle for our minds
  3. Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005 – part 1
  4. Thông điệp liên bang cuối cùng của tổng thống Barack Obama
  5. Hillary on The Conversation at 10 PM in January 12th 2015
  6. Live chat with Mark Zuckerberg in Berlin 2016
  7. David Cameron announces his resignation with full statements
  8. Listening and Practising
  9. Theresa May - The Prime Minister had a short talk
  10. Do The Best With This Life. To Be Of Use.
  11. Brittain is GREAT

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