Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The English We speak "a bitter pill to swallow"

A bitter pill to swallow (nôm na nghĩa nuốt thuốc đắng)
(bitter: đắng; pill: viên thuốc; swallow: nuốt)
A bitter pill to swallow

-        Hello and welcome to The English we speak. I’m Feifei and joining me today is Rob.
o   Hello everyone…Are you Feifei ok? You don’t sound as cheerful as normal. (giọng bạn nghe có vẻ không bình thường)
-        I feel terrible today. I’ve got a headache, feel really tired…I think I’m developing flu. I’m going to take these paracetamol tablets.
o   Hold on Feifei. Are you sure you’re getting flu. This hasn’t got anything to do with that job promotion you didn’t get? (hold on: từ từ hoặc đợi tý)
-        Of course not…well maybe a little.
o   I know you wanted that promotion so much but Daisy’s got it instead didn’t she?
-        Exactly…I’ve been working here much longer than her and I have loads more experience. It’s so unfair! (thật bất công)
o   I know. It’s a bitter pill to swallow.
-        Thanks for the advice but event if these tablets- or pill- are bitter, they’ll make me feel better. Now can you show me some more sympathy about me promotion please? (cám ơn lời khuyên)
o   I was feifei. When I said “It’s a bitter pill to swallow” I really meant it is a situation that is unpleasant and difficult to accept.
-        Ok, I see. You’re saying I’m finding Daisy’s promotion hard to accept.
o   It’s tough Feifei but that’s the way things are. Let’s hear some more examples of this phrase in action. (điều đó là khó khăn nhưng chỉ có đường này thôi)
-        Example:  when he found out his wife’s affair with his best friend, it was a bitter pill to swallow. (khi anh ấy phát hiện ra vợ mình ngoại tình với người bạn thân nhất của mình)
o   It was a bitter pill to swallow knowing that my old sister finished the race quicker than me.
-        My friend has book the flight as me for half the price. It’s a bitter pill to swallow!
o   So “a bitter pill to swallow means I don’t like what’s happened but I will have to accept. Hum, I like the phrase but it doesn’t make me feel any better. ( điều này không làm tôi cảm thấy tốt hơn)
-        You’ll just have a swallow to decision Feifei. Daisy is going to be your boss now. 
o   Oh, dear. I think my flu might be getting worse. I’m definitely going to take some paracetamol now. .yuk that really was bitter. ( chắn chắn) 
-        I think two tablets enough for now. Maybe you should take tomorrow off work. ( ngày mai bạn nên tạm nghỉ làm)
o   What a great idea. See you later.
-        Bye.

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