Sunday, 3 January 2016

Practice English speaking

1. Making and responding to invitations:
Making an invitations:

1. Are you doing anything....?     speak: Arya 
   Are you free.........?

Ex: Are you doing anything this weekend? speak    Arya doing anything this weekend?
       Are you free tomorrow afternoon?        speak    Arya free tomorrow afternoon?

2. Would you like to.....?      speak: wudj liketa

Ex: Would you like to join me for lunch?                      speak   wudj liketa join me for lunch?Would you like to see a movie tomorrow night? speak  wudj liketa see a movie tomorrow night?

3. Do you want to .....?    speak: D'ya wanna...?
   Want to....?                   speak: Wanna...?

Ex: Do you want to go hiking on Saturday?     speak D'ya wanna go hiking on Saturday?
       Want to grab some coffee after class?    speak  Wanna grab some coffee after class?

Responding an invitations:
"Yes" response:

I'd love to!
Sounds goods/ great!

"No" response:

I'd love to, but....
I don't think I can.
I'm really sorry. but....
Maybe another time.

See the video here.

2. Một số video to practice English conversation:

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