Sunday, 3 January 2016

10 English Phrases for Renting an Apartment

1. I checked the classifieds, but I didn't see anything in my price range
classifieds: the section of the newspaper with listening of items, cars and house to buy/sell/rent
price range: the amout of money you hope/ expect to pay
ex: my price range house is $1200 - 1500$
2. The apartment is fully furnished and has a balcony overlooking the park.
 furnished: the apartment already has furniture: beds, tables, chairs, etc...
unfurnished: the apartment only some things but has not furniture: beds, chairs, tables, water, internet...
3. I can't afford to live there alone, so I'm looking for a roommate.
I can't afford : I don't have enough money.
roommate: a person who will share the apartment and split (divide) the cost of renting it.
4. We're looking for a spacious apartment in an upscale neighborhood.
spacious: big (a lot of space)
upscale neighborhood: an area with lots of rich people
5. To move in, you need to pay the first and last month's rent plus a security deposit.
move in: enter an apartment or house to live there.
move out: when you leave
security deposit: an amount of money that you get back at the and if the apartment is in good codition
6. On average, the utilities come to about $150 a month.
utilities: electricity, water, heat
come to: total
Ex: $70 (electricity)+$35(water)+$45 (heat) = $150
on average : in general
7. There's no washing machine or dryer in the apartment but there's a laundromat nearby.
8. My sister is subletting her studio apartment for 3 months while she travel to Europe.
sublet: rent the apartment to another person temporarily while you are travelling.
studio apartment: small, has only one major room with the bed, kitchen, TV, etc.
9. The landlord is offering a two year lease with an option to renew
landlord (for man)/ landlady (for woman): the person who owns the apartment from whom you are renting it.
lease: formal contract/agreement for you to live in a use the apartment for a specific period of time.
renew: extend it for an additional period of time
10. The building is a bit run - down but the apartment itself was recently renovated.
run - down: not in good conditions, a little bit old and not well maintained.
renovated: everything was fixed, redesigned and made new (remodeled, refurbished)

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