Monday, 25 January 2016

How do we say shopping items?

bar: n thanh thỏi
a bar of
a bar of soap
a bar of chocolate        
a bar of golden
a bar of wood
a bar of butter
a bar of silver

packet: n, gói nhỏ
a packet of
a packet of rice
a packet of biscuits
a packet of sweets
a packet of cigarettes
a packet of crips
a packet of sugar
a packet of coffee
a packet of tea...

bottle: chai, lọ có cổ nhỏ
a bottle of
a bottle of water
a bottle of wine
a bottle of alcohol
a bottle of medicine
a bottle of soda
a bottle of champine
a bottle of soap
a bottle of patron

jar: lọ, chai, bình có cổ rộng
a jar of
a jar of peanut butter
a jar of jam
a jar of honey
a jar of sweet
a jar of hearts
a jar of pickles
a jar of weed
a jar of nothing

bouquet: bó, hương thơm (rượu)
a bouquet of rose
a bouquet of flowers
a bouquet of stitches
a bouquet of flowers cliparts
a bouquet of sunflowers
a bouquet of flowers pictures
a bouquet of rose drawing

bunch: chùm, bó, nhóm
a bunch of
a bunch of flowers
a bunch of grapes
a bunch of cats
a bunch of people
a bunch of money
a bunch of keys
a bunch of banana
a bunch of red roses

can: bình, vỏ, hộp bằng kim loại hoặc nhựa
a can of
a can of cokes
a can of corns
a can of spray paints
a can of chemical

tin: bình, vỏ, hộp bằng thiếc
a tin of
a tin of beans
a tin of coca cola
a tin of milk
a tin of tuna
a tin of soup
a tin of oil
a tin of sardines
a tin of biscuits
a tin of nuts

carton: hộp, bìa cứng
a carton of
a carton of milk
a carton of cigarettes
a carton of eggs
a carton of ice cream
a carton of apple juice

case: túi, vỏ, bao, hộp, ngăn
a case of
a case of beer
a case of wine
a case of water

crate: sọt
a crate of
a crate of beer
a crate of eggs
a crate of milk

tube: tuýp dạng ống
a tube of
a tube of ice cream
a tube of  tootpaste
a tube of blood
a tube of lipstick
a tube of glue

cup: tách
a cup of
a cup of tea
a cup of coffee
a cup of bra
a cup of milk
a cup of lean

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