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Collocations with Home and House

This is the small list of interesting and common home and house collocations. There are more many of them. If you want to study more, please use your favourite dictionary.


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  1. homework
    The work the teacher gives the students to do at home (even if they are too busy to do it).
    We always remind our son to do his homework.
  2. homebody
    Someone who prefers to spend time at home, rather than go out.
    Since his marriage, Bob has become a homebody.
    As a homebody, we always interact each other when it is really convenient for us.
  3. home-made
    Something that is made at home and not bought at a store, like cake or bread, rather than in store or factory. If it is sold at a store, its price is quite more expensive than tho other ones made in quantity production.
    As a sophisticated person, she likes to use homemade things. 
  4. home loan
    Also called a mortgage, the money borrowed from a bank to buy a house.
    Home loans can generally mean one of three things. Firstly, it could mean that you wish to borrow money to buy a home, or change an existing loan you have on your home. This is also called a mortgage loan or a remortgage loan.
  5. housework
    The chores and jobs done around the house, like washing the dishes or gardening.
    A recent study claims that lacking of housework is 'making women fat'.
  6. houseboat
    The house that floats on the water and is mobile.
    Situated on the historic river cam a short walk from Cambridge city center, this well appointed widebeam houseboat combines comfortable accommodation with stunning views across Stourbridge common and comes with a secluded private mooring.A houseboat narrowly avoided being crushed by a tree which was torn apart in high winds in Cambridge.
  7. house broken
    trained, like a dog not to go to the bathroom in the house.
    of an animal : trained to urinate or defecate outside the home or in an acceptable place indoors
    Boe and Jena, both housebroken, love to play outdoors.
  8. housecoat
    Like a robe, usually only worn at home.
    Mr Walker told the court that his wife, who was described as sociable and family orientated, kept paracetamol in her housecoat pocket and he suspected that she was taking it in greater doses than recommended.
  9. household
    a house and its occupants regarded as a unit.
    The Energy Secretary warns of the "unknown" consequences to the energy market of leaving the EU and also calls on the Big Six to reduce household bills.
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  1. go home
    The process of going home
    Q: What are you going to do now?
    A: I am going home/I have to go home/I want to go home.
  2. get home
    To reach or arrive at your home
    What ​time does he ​normally get ​home (from ​work)?
  3. come home
    The activity of moving to home
    Mummy, I will come home tomorrow. Good night mammy.
See the difference between go home and get home that explained in the following youtube video.
There is also this link showing the main difference of go home and get home. If you want to know the different between go home and come home, please go to this discussion

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