Sunday, 3 January 2016

Collocations with GET

1.get lost:             bị lạc Tell him to get lost
2. get married: kết hôn We got married last summer.
3. get job: nhận việc I'll get job next week.
4. get a life: có được cuộc sống Don't tell me you're cleaning the house on a Saturday night? Get a life
5. get home về nhà I'll get home when you arrive.
6. get ready chuẩn bị, sẵn sàng I had got ready for the party.
7. get started bắt đầu when you can get started?
8. get divorced ly dị They got divorced after only 6 months of marriage.
9. get permission: được cho phép Do you get permission to work here?
10. get the picture:    hiểu chuyện It's all right, don't say any more. I get the picture.
11. get the promotion:    được thăng tiến Did you get the promotion you wanted?
12. get the message: nhận tin nhắn I never answers his calls, so I'd think he'd get the message.
13. get a move on:  nhanh lên We need get a move on if we're going to catch that train.
14. get a load that! gây sự chú ý, thu hút Get a load that! Guys! Very nice.
15. get a feel for sth: có được cảm giác về cái gì đó I practiced for a new hours before I really got a feel for the best way to do it.
16. get a fix on sth: được sửa trên cái gì đó His eyes got a fix on the distant yacht.
17. get a grip on yourself: có được 1 vali về bản thân I just think he ought to get a grip on himself.
18. get a jump on sth: có được 1 bước nhảy về cái gì đó I like to leave work early on Fridays so I can get a jumps on the traffic.
19. get on/get along: có liên quan, quan hệ He doesn't get on with his daughter.
20. get in on sth = take part, start: tham gia, tham dự A Japanese company tried to get in on the deal.
21. get by (to be able to live or deal sth): có thể sống hoặc thỏa thuận … How can you get by on so little money?
22. get in: đi vào, đến nơi What time is the plane expected to get in?
23. get into sth: được nhận vào She's been getting into yoga recently- she does three classes a week.
24. get a line on sb: có được thông tin về ai đó I've been trying to get a line on the guy they're nominated with no luck.
25. get back: trở về If you get back on time, you can come with us.

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