Monday, 4 January 2016

60 phrases verbs with DO & MAKE

Basic differences:

DO: action, obligation, repetitive tasks (nói về hành động, nghĩa vụ, nhiệm vụ lặp đi lặp lại)
MAKE: creating, producing, tasks you choose to do (nói về hành động tạo ra, sản xuất, công việc mà bạn chọn để làm)


Do the homework
Do the laundry
Do the dishes
Do the shopping
Exception: MAKE the bed
Do work/ do homework
Do business
Do a good/great/terrible job
Do a report (write a report)
Do a course ( take a course)
Exception: TAKE a test
Taking care of your body
Do exercise
Do your hair (style it)
Do your nails (paint them)
Exception: TAKE a shower/a bath
General actions
Do anything/something/everything/nothing
Do well/bably
Do good
Do the night thing
Do your best


Make breakfast/lunch/dinner
Make a sandwich/ salad
Make a cup of tea/ coffee
A reservation at a restaurant
Make money
Make a profit
Make a fortune (a lot of money)
Make $.... (make $100 = earn $100)
Make friend
Make love (have sex)
Make a pass at (flit) dọn nhà
Make up (resolve problem)
Make a phone
Make a joke
Make a point
Make a bet
Make a complaint
Make confession
Make a speech
Make a suggestion
Make a prediction
Make an excuse
Make a promise
Make a fuss
Make an observation
Make a comment
Exception: HAVE a conversation
                    ASK a question
Plans and progress
Make plans/progress
Make a decision/choice
Make a mistake
Make an attempt/ effort
Make up your mind (decide)
Make a discovery
Make a list
Make sure (confirm)
Make a difference
Make an exception
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