Friday, 28 August 2015

Ahead of time

I received an email from Google's DHR (Department of Human Resources) last week. The women emailed me using the idiom head of time in her email. I did not understand what it means exactly. Googling a while, I have found that it is an interesting locution.


Following Online Cambridge Dictionary, this idiom is used to express earlier than a particular moment.

Please note that we do require a couple of weeks notice to have an interview scheduled so it is always best to have these scheduled ahead of time.

Let's ​meet for ​lunch. I'll ​call you ​ahead of time to ​decide ​exactly when and where.

The ​repairs to the ​road were ​finished two ​weeks ​ahead of time (= ​sooner than was ​expected).

Looking the text in the picture, it means that there are several freezer meals that we just cook them at the time of eating.


Look at the category of ahead of time of  a magazine, the writings in this group are talking about innovative and cutting-edge technologies. It means that they are new and go earlier than the current moment.

Next, I am going to share my discoveries with you. I have searched images of this idiom at the website shutterstock. Frankly, the results show images  involving in the future as well as the next things.

What's next? Hurry Up! Faster! Ahead... Summer Just Ahead. Crisis Ahead! Forward Arrow...


5 years head of any other phone: năm năm tới của bất kì điện thoại nào

a head of your time: not meaning the earlier than a special moment. But it also concerns in the things/ideas happening before at the present. It is used to express having very ​modern ​ideas. We could see the cartoons and comics about this idiom via the link I have just put.

He was way ahead of his ​time in ​realizing the ​importance of being ​able to ​record ​sound.

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