To become a speaker English fluently like a native one, we should study conversation fillers. These words or phrases are used in which you want to have more time to think about what you will talk.
Speaking is one of four skills will be examined in IELTS test. This blog created a dedicated post using for IELTS speaking.


I really appreciate the exciting livestream video on Nguyễn Hiệp'facebook.
Làm sao để luyện giọng nói tiếng Anh như Donald Trump? 5p bắt đầu. Đăng kí học thử phát âm miễn phí từ Step Up http://www.stepup.edu.vn/phat-am-thang-12/. Trang web để dịch từ text sang ipa: http://lingorado.com/ipa/ Trang web tìm các bài nghe để luyện giọng: ted.com Nhớ follow/theo dõi https://www.facebook.com/mrvanhiep để nhận được nhiều clip như này hơn nữa nhé. Hãy share về tường nào.
This video instructs you how to pronounce correctly and naturally based Donald Trump's speech. 

Speaking and national culture

It's worth to consider English culture when you speak English as well as a foreign language.

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