Thursday, 31 March 2016

What do you know about the Titanic

Từ vựng học được khi nghe ở đây:
    - fortunate (a): lucky
    - apprehension (a): fear that something bad will happen: e rằng, e sợ, sợ rằng
    Ex: I'm a bit apprehension tomorrow's meeting
    - luxurious ( a): extremely comfortable and expensive: xa xỉ, xa hoa
    - shipwreck (n): the destruction of a ship at sea by sinking or breaking up, nạn đắm tàu
    - stationary ( a): not moving or not changing, không di chuyển, đứng im một chỗ
    - tragedy (n): an event causing great suffering distress, tấm bi kịch
    - overcrowded (a): there are too many people in a space than is comfortable, đông đúc
    - beard (n), a hair that some men allow to grow to the lower part of their face, râu
    - deck (n): a flat area for walking on especially one built across the space  between the sides of a boat or a bus, boang tàu
    - attempt (v): to try to do something, especially something difficult, cố gắng thử sức
    - lifeboat (n): a small boat kept on a ship for use in an emergency, tàu cứu đắm
    - shriek (n): a short loud, high cry, tiếng thét, tiếng la hét
    - dreadfully (a): extremely badly, hết sức
    dreadfully tired mệt quá chứng, mệt hết sức
    - stick up: go up, dựng đứng
    Ex: when I get up in the morning, my hair is always stick up
    - horror ( n): extremely strong feeling of fear and shock, sự khiếp sợ, sự ghê sợ
    - get rid of ( v): remove something that you don't want to longer
    - rescue (v): to help someone or something out of a dangerous, hamful or unpleasant situation, giải cứu, cứu nguy
    Ex: The lifeboat rescued the sailor from sinking boat
    - starlit (n): the light coming from the stars, có sao, đầy sao
    Ex: a starlit night
    - nightmare (n): a frightening dream
    Ex: I shouldn't have a watched the movie. It'll give me a nightmare
    - panic (n): a sudden strong feeling of anxiety or fear, sự hoang mang, sự hoảng sợ
    - stern (n): the back part of a ship or boat, đuôi tàu
    - enormous (a): extremely large, huge, to lớn, khổng lồ
    - disaster (n): damage or death or seriuos difficulty, thảm họa, tai họa

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