Thursday, 15 March 2018

Energy Idioms

1. Bright spark: an intelligent person dùng cho những người nhanh trí hay dí dỏm hay mang nghĩa châm biếm, chế nhạo kẻ làm điều khờ khạo hay thiếu cân nhắc
  • She fixed my computer. She's such a bright spark
  • Some bright spark has locked the keys inside the house
  • Robert's a bright spark - he'll know the capital of Mongolia.
2. Full of bean: has a lot of energy, dồi dào năng lượng
  • John was full of energy when he visited his grandmother. The old man did everything to please the boy.
  • Tony's full of energy this morning
3. Take/carry coal to Newcastle: supply something where it is not needed, chở củi về rừng
  • Do you really think we can sell our cars in Japan? It's like taking coals to Newcastle
4. let off steam: release (nervous) energy, xả hơi, làm gì đó để bạn hết nóng giận
  • After a tough day at work in the office, Ruth loves to let off steam.
  • I'm going to listen to instrumental music to let off steam
5. Full steam ahead: time to go at top speed, đang làm việc gì đó đầy năng lượng, nhiệt huyết, đầy quyết tâm
  • We must get this project finished before the presentation tomorrow. Come on, full steam ahead, team. Nathan went full steam ahead with the plan of her wedding.
  • There are six months before my IELTS test, it's full steam ahead.
6. burn the midnight oil: working late at night, đốt đèn đêm khuya
  • Some people burn the midnight oil because they just don't sleep enough to turn out the lights.
  • Tung has been burning the midnight oil for the last two weeks.
7. add fuel to the fire: making a bad situation worse, đổ thêm dầu vào lửa
  • Tony is already in the bad mood. Don't tell him about the broken photocopier right now. That will just be adding fuel to the fire.
  • Amanda was upset about her new haircut. I said it made her look like her mum, but that just added fuel to the fire and she cried even more.

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