Friday, 12 February 2016

Wearing today

Rèn kỹ năng nghe.
- smart: nice and stylish, khéo léo, khôn khéo
- casual: informal and comfortable, bình thường, không trịnh trọng
- scruffy: not neat or clear, không gọn gàng, sạch sẽ
- trendy: modern, popular and fashion, hợp thời trang, theo mốt
- jumper: a warm piece of clothing that you pull over, áo len mặc ấm
- suit: smart jacket and trouser or skirt made from material, đồ công sở, complete
- hoodie: casual clothes for the top of your body, usually made of cottton, with a hood to cover your head.
- trainer: comfortable sport shoes
- smart casual: describes clothes that are a mix of smart and casual, for example, nice jean and a shirt.

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