Monday, 15 February 2016


Vừa luyện kỹ năng nghe vừa học từ vựng về fashion:
- bead: small piece of wood, glass or other material with holes in them, often used in jewellery. hạt cườm, chuỗi hạt.
- sequins: small, bright bit of plastic sewn onto clothes.,đồ trang sức làm bằng hình tròn.
- embroidery: pattern made in sewing into cloths. đồ thuê
- top the over: very extreme
- to pull back : to move away from something
- luxury: very pleasant, good quality and often beautiful, xa xỉ, xa hoa
- fabric: material of clothes, vải
- workmanship: skill that someone used to make things, tay nghề
- modest: looking plain or simple, not expensive, vừa phải, phải chăng
- ostentatious: clearly showing wealth or power, khoe khoang
- delightful: interesting, thú vị
- inspiration: someone give you idea for doing something, nguồn cảm hứng
- formality: formal way of behaving, sự trang trọng
- eccentric: strange and unusual, người lập dị,
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