Friday, 1 January 2016

Words of day #7

I have read an article on It reports the fact that a girl makes her troubles fell down.
Mortifying! But fair play to the boyfriend trying to cover her modesty. A true gent!
I tried to view the comment section. There is more than 800 comments. I sorted them in descending of best rate. Above is the comment rating highest at the moment I read it.
One makes somebody feeling very ashamed or embarrassed. The one mortifies him/her.
One is mortifying
This word is usually used in passive tense.
Mortify sb (to do sth)
it mortifies sb that ...
Syn: humiliate
How mortifying to have to apologize to him!
She was mortified to realize he had heard every word she said.
It exists the journal of mortifying moments. Please read the review here.
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