Thursday, 14 January 2016

Words in the news #1

H - bomb: Hydrogen bomb: Bom Hydro
announcement: the act of giving official information: thông báo, loan tin
state TV short: bản tin truyền hình nhà nước
earth tremor: sự động đất
detected: phát hiện
nuclear: hạt nhân
breaking rule: phá vỡ quy tắc
suspended: not allowed to go to work for a period of time  đình chỉ
imposed: áp đặt, đánh thuế
fine: phạt, bồi thường
deny: phủ nhận
misuse: lợi dụng
bionic: electronic parts used to improve body parts that don't work properly.
bionic eye: mắt điện tử
implant: cấy ghép
eyesight: thị lực
tiny chip: con chíp nhỏ
make out: tạo ra, tim ra
trial operation: hoạt động thử nghiệm
1. The government announcement a tax rise at the end of the year.
2. After the accident, Mary was back to work as a typist thank to her bionic hand.
3. Terry was suspended from the company pending an investigation after he took money from the sale. 

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