Thursday, 14 January 2016

What make us laugh?

get something: understand hiểu biết
gag: joke or funny story đùa
stand up comedy: a type of comedy where a comedian performs in font of and talks directly to their audience quảng cáo hài kịch, người diễn kịch
comedy: hài kịch
narcissistic: being to interested in yourself- for example your appearance or other personal qualities quá nhiều ngưỡng mộ về bản thân, tự kiêu
aspiring: wanting to be successful in your chosen careers. For example: an aspiring actor, an aspiring writer...
unique: unusual or special độc nhất
perseverance: to keep on trying to achieve something even when it's difficult sự bền chí, bền bỉ
outwork: work hard than everybody else làm việc giỏi
introverts: people who are general quiet and more interested in their own thoughts and feelings than in spending time with other people. người hướng nội
extroverts: people who are general lively, outgoing and enjoy the comapy of others. người hướng ngoại
embarrass: f eel uncomfortable làm lúng túng
guess: phỏng đoán giả dụ
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