Thursday, 7 January 2016

The English we speak " Potty"


-        Hello and welcome to the English we speak. I’m Helen and joining me today is Neil.
o   Hello everyone.
-        Neil, tell me about your first over job? (hãy cho tôi biết về công việc đầu tiên của bạn)
o   I worked in a supermarket stacking shelves when I was sixteen. ( chất chồng, chất đống)
-        How was it?
o   I was quite boring: just moving things from one place to another, but I was very happy when I got my first week’s day.
-        And how long did you stay in your first job?
o   Not very long. About three months during the summer holiday. If I’d stayed there any longer. I would have gone potty.
-        What? Potty? Did you have get permission to use the toilet? ( được cho phép)
o   Oh, no, nothing like that. Nobody needed permission to go to the toilet.
-        Well, you said you would have gone potty. My baby son has to be reminded about his potty every day.
o   No, they are two have different things. If someone is potty or going potty, that means is crazy or going crazy. Here are these examples:
My boss wants me to work in New Year’s Day for no extra money. He must be potty.
She’s potty to sell off her old car so cheaply.
-        There is another meaning to “ potty”. If someone is really keen on something, we can use the phrase “ to be potty about something”, for example: I really like Japanese comic books, I’m potty about them.
o   I see, I’m potty about miniature owls: I’ve got nearly one hundred of them at home.
-        Well, I glad we clearly up the meaning of that. It would do us any good if people heard us arguing over potties. ( tranh luận, tranh cãi)
o   Oh, no, they’d think we’re gone potty.
-        Bye.

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