Sunday, 13 September 2015

back and forth

from one place to another one and then back again. If someone or something moves back and forth between two places, they move from one place to the other place again and again.

This idiom is used commonly by native speakers. When you speak such idioms that make you sound like a native speaker.

For examples:

  1. He travels back and forth between New York and California.
  2. We tossed the ball back and forth between us.
  3. The tiger paced back and forth in its cage.
  4. Nurses went back and forth among the wounded, bringing food and medicine.
  5. Stocks go back and forth, but more forth than back.
- tosse: quang len, nem le, tung (toss the ball: tung qua bong, toss up a coin: tung dong tien (choi sap ngua), toss money about: quang tien qua cua so, an tieu hoang phi)
- pace: đi từng bước một; pace back and forward: đi tới đi lui
- cage: lồng, chuồng, củi; trại giam tù binh, nhà giam, nhà lao; nhốt vào lồng, nhốt vào cũi, giam giữ
- wounded (a) bị thương, bị tổn thương, bị xúc phạm
the wounded: những người bị thương 

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