Friday, 3 July 2015

Words of day #5


There are several forms of this word: occupy, occupation, occupational, occupant, occupancy, occupied and occupying. The verb occupy has a range of meanings and can be used to write about work and accommodation - two of the most important topics in IELTS.

The following are some common combinations of these forms.
  1. Unfortunately, comparatively few women occupy positions of power in major corporations.
  2. One reason children misbehave is that they are not kept occupied and they become bored.
  3. There are many ways to occupy the minds of young children provided you have a little creativity.
  4. Many school leavers end up in unskilled occupations because they received no vocational training at school. With better training they could have found jobs in skilled occupations.
  5. Injury is an occupational hazard of the professional athlete and they deserve higher incomes as their career may be cut short.
  6. The growth of factory farms has made many people that were engaged in rural occupations redundant.
  7. It is just as important to fund  the treatment provided by occupational therapists as they are instrumental in helping patients to recover.
  8. While many new office blocks have been built, occupancy rates in them remain low due to the financial climate.
  9. The group planned to occupy foreclosed homes, disrupt bank auctions, and block evictions.
The picture shows the list of synonym words of the verb occupy:

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