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Many people believe that international tourism is a bad thing for their country


Many people believe that international tourism is a bad thing for their country. What are the reasons? Solutions to change negative attitudes? 

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Even though the non-smoke industry has been contributing significantly to the host country, some people believe that foreign visitors may have detrimental effects on local areas. There are several reasons for this pessimism, and the solutions to alleviate this attitude will be discussed in this essay.

In the first place, international tourism could seriously hurt local community with both environmental and social problems. From the environment perspective, foreign travelers may pose serious threats to beautiful natural sites such as beaches, caves, and rain forests by overusing. An example of this is Son Doong, the longest and biggest cave in the world, which found in 2009. As it is gorgeous and so many people want to visit it, there is a growing concern that the excessive use would ruin this natural wonder. From the social perspective, tourists' behaviours may have negative impacts on local qualify of life. In other words, foreign visitors may give rise to traffic congestion, alcohol problems and prostitution like what already happen in Thailand.

To address these increasing worries, the government needs to take measures to protect both natural and social environment. First, they need to impose strict controls on using natural resources for tourism by limiting the number of visitors who is able to see a particular place, especially those are vulnerable. If there is a reasonable usage of natural sites, the nature will have enough time to recover after being used. In addition, social problems could be tackled if the government improve key infrastructure like roads or public transport to reduce traffic jams, and increase the number of police officers to enhance local security.

In conclusion, there are some reasons making local residents worry of international tourism, but the government could take steps to comfort its people.

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