Thursday, 7 August 2014

keep a promise/secret

keep a promise:  giữ lời hứa
keep your word/promise: giữ lời hứa
keep an appointment: to do what you have promised to do; to go where you have agreed to go
keep a secret: giữ bí mật
keep something secret (from somebody): giữ điều gì đó bí mật (đối với ai): to know something and not tell it to anyone.
keep a diary, an account, a record, etc.: to write down something as a record.

[1] Can you keep a secret?
[2] She kept her past secret from all us.
[3] She kept her promise to visit them.
[4] I failed to keep my appointment at the dentist/clinic.
[5] She kept a diary for over twenty years.
[6] Keep a note of where each item can be found.

In French:
honorer une promesse
tenir/maintenir une promesse
1. Vous devez tenir votre promesse.
You must stick to your promise.
2. Tu dois tenir ta promesse.
You must stick to your promise.

Guide to French promise phrases

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