Monday, 14 July 2014

Peaceful rally morphes into violent riot in Buenos Aires after Argentina loses World Cup final

Peaceful rally morphs into violent riot in Buenos Aires after Argentina loses World Cup final

Cuộc tụ tập đông người trong hòa bình dần chuyển sang cuộc bạo loạn ở thủ đô Buenos Aires sau khi Argentina thất bại trong trận chung kết bóng đá thế giới.

What started as a peaceful rally to support the Argentinian national team turned ugly as fans became violent and started to riot.
[Cái gì đã bắt đầu khi một đám đông tụ tập trong hòa bình để cổ vũ cho đội bóng nước nhà Ác-hen-ti-na quay ngoắc (chuyển sang xấu xí) khi các cổ động viên trở nên bạo lực và đã khởi động sự tụ tập phá rối]
A gathering in Buenos Aires took a turn for the worse when Argentina lost 1-0 to Germany in the World Cup final, and riot police were forced to use tear gas and rubber bullets on the rowdy crowd.
[Một tụ tập ở Buenos Aires (took a turn for the worse) khi Argentina bị dẫn Germany dẫn trước với tỉ số 1-0 trong trận chung kết WC. ]
According to an ESPN report, 20 riot police have been injured in the clash as fans – many of whom were reportedly drunk and masked – threw rocks at police and storefronts, and busted open a theater.
The report states a total of 60 arrests have been made so far.
The whole situation began as a gathering of thousands of Argentinian fans at the Obelisk in downtown Buenos Aires, creating a sea of people packed into the streets.  The fans were originally looking to applaud their team’s best World Cup performance in 24 years, as the report cites an initially happy scene.
In these pictures from a Venezuelan journalist, you can see police using tear gas as well as fire hoses to subdue rioters.

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