Monday, 22 August 2011

How to write a Internship Report

Sample Introduction

I would like to thank my thesis advisor, Dr. Robert Grossman, for introducing me to data mining and for all his guidance and support. This thesis work was enabled and sustained by his vision and ideas.

Stuart Bailey is due a special note of thanks for his unique way of inspiring students through clarity of thought, enthusiasm and caring. He is a model to all laboratory students. His technical excellence, unwavering faith and constant encouragement were very helpful and made this effort an enjoyable one.

I wish to thank Dr. Donald Mon for providing us with the healthcare data and introducing us to issues in the healthcare management.

I wish to thank Dr. Simon Kasif for his guidance and comments on the experiments.

I am grateful to Shirley Connelly and David Turkington for proof reading this report. Their comments and suggestions were very valuable as the thesis progressed.

A number of individuals in the Laboratory for Advanced Computing were very helpful and understanding. I would like to acknowledge Ashok Ramu, Marco Mazzucco and Srinath Gutti in particular for their contribution to this work.
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