Monday, 17 August 2009

review tenses practice

Review about tenses: use any appropciate tense
1. Anna and Andy got married on June 1 st. today is June 14th. Anna and Andy (be)--are--married for two weeks. By June 7th, they (be)-had been--married for one week. By June 28th, they (be) will being--married for four weeks
2. this traffic is terrible. We’re going to late. By the time we (get)-will be get-to the airport, Bob’s plane (arrive, already)-will already arrive--, and he’ll be wondering where we are.
3. the traffic was very haevy . by the time we (get)-will get---to the airport, Bob’s plane (arrive, already) has already arrived--
4. this morning I came to class at 9.00. right now it is 10.00 and I am still in class. I (sit)-have been sitting--at this desk for an hour. By 9.30 I (sit)-had sitten---here for half an hour. By 11.00 I (sit)-will be sitting----here for two hours
5. I’m getting tired of sitting in the car. Do you realize that by the time we arrive in Phoenix, we (drive)-will have- driven---for twenty straight hours?
6. margaret was born in 1950. by the year 2000, she (live)—have been living-on this earth for 50 years
7. go ahead and leave on your vacation. Don’t worry about this work. By the time you (get)-get-back, we (take)---take--care of evening
8. I don’t understand how those marathon runners do it! The race began over an hour ago. By the time they reach the finish line, they (run)-had been run--steadily for more than two hours. I don’t think I can run more than two minutes!
9. What? He got married again? At this rate, he (have)--has--a dozen wives by the time he (die)--died----
10. we have been married for a long time. By our next anniversary, we (be)-had been----married for 43 years.
11. john is in my english class. He (study)-is studying--english this semester. He (take, also)—also takes--some other classes. His classes (begin)---begins--at 9.00 every day
12. yesterday John ate breakfast at 8.00. he (eat, already)-had already eaten--breakfast when he (leave)----left--for class at 8.45. he (eat, always)-had always eaten--breakfast before he (go)--went----to class. I (eat, not, usually)-hadn’t usually eaten--breakfast before I (go)-went--to class. But I (get, usually)-usually get--hungry about midmorning. Tomorrow before I (go)—am going-to class, I (eat)--eat-breakfast
13. John is in class every morning from 9.00 to 12.00. two days agos I (call)-called-him at 11.30, but I could not reach him because he (attend)---has been attending-class at that time
14. don’t try to call John at 11.30 tomorrow morning because he (attend)—is attending-class at that time
15. yesterday John took a nap from 1.00 to 2.00 I came at 1.45. when I (get)--got-there, John (sleep)—has sleeping--.he (sleep)---had sleeped---for 45 minutes by the time I came
16. right now John (take)—is taking---a nap. He (fall)--fell-asleep an hour ago, he (sleep)—has sleeping---for an hour
17. three days ago, John (start)---started---to read A Farewell to Arms, a novel by Ernest Hemingway. It is long novel. He (finish, not)---hasn’t finished-reading it yet. He (read)------read---it because his english teacher assigned it
18. since the beginning of the semester. John (read)—has read----three novels. Right now he (read)—is reading--A Farewall of Arms. He (read)—had read--that novel fro the past three days. He (intend)—will intend--to finish it next week. In his lifetime. He (read)—has read--many novels but this is the first Hemingway novel he (read, ever)—has ever read---
19. tomorrow after he (eat)—had eaten--dinner, John (go)-will be go---to a movie. In other words, he (eat)--eats--dinner by the time he (go) will have gone-to the movie
20. my grandfather (fly, never)—has never flied--in an airplane and he has no intention of ever doing so
21. Jane isn’t here yet. I (wait)—have waited--for her since noon, but she still (arrive, not)—didn’t arrive--
22. in all the world, there (be)-were--only 14 mountains that (reach)--reached---above 8000 metres
23. I have a long trip ahead of me tomorrow so I think I’d better go to bed. But let me say good –bye now because I won’t see you in the morning. I (leave, already)-will have already left---by the time you (get)--get---up
24. right now we (have)—are having--a heat wave. The temperature (be)---have been--in the upper 90s for the last six days
25. last night I (go)---went---to a party. When I (get)-got--there, the room was full of people. Some of them (dance)---were dancing---and others (talk)---were talking-. One young woman (stand)----was standing---by himself. I (meet, never)—have never met--her, so I (introduce)---introduce---myself to her
26. about three yesterday afternoon, Jessica (lie)-lied--in bed reading a book. Suddenly she (hear)---was hearing--a loud noise and (get)—was getting--up to see what it was. She (look)----looks-out the window. A truck (back, just)—has just backed--into her new car!
27. next month I have a week’s vacation. I (plan)---am going to plan/ will plan--to take a trip. First I (go)--go-to Madison to vist my brother. After I (leave)---had left--Madison, I (go)--went--to Chicago to see a friend who (study)—am studying--at a university there. She (live)----has living--in Chicago for three years, so she (know)---knows---her way around the city. She (promise)--promises--to take me to many interesting places. I (be, never)----have never been-in Chicago, so I (look)—am looking-forward to going there
28. yesterday while I (sit)--was-sitting--in class, I (get)----got--the hiccups. The person who (sit)-is sitting--next to me told me hold my breath. I (try)---had tried-that, but it didn’t work. The instructor (lecture)—has lecturing--and I didn’t want to interrupt him, so I just sat there trying to hiccup quietly. Finally, after I (hiccup)—had hiccuped-for almost fivr minutes, I (raise)--raised--my hand and (excuse)---excused---myself from class to go get a drink of water
29. the weather has been terrible lately. It (rain)-----had rained---off and on for two days and the temperature (drop)-----drops---at least twenty degrees. It (be)—was being--in the low 40s right now. Just three days ago, the sun (shine)—has shined-----and the weather was pleasant. The weather certainly (change)---changes--quicky here. I never know what to expect. Who knows? When I (wake)—will wake---up tomorrow morning maybe it (snow)--snows-----
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