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verb [I] UK /kɒf/ US /kɑːf/ (Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus)
Kết thúc là gh nhưng bạn phải phát âm nhẹ f cuối từ. Một số từ giống dạng này như:
  • laugh [lɑːf]
  • rough [rʌf]
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About cough

This section presents information of cough extracted mostly from the page of NHS, UK about cough and rephrased with respect to the literary style (văn phong - basic writing style) of blog's owner. 


  • Can not treated with antibiotics or other medicine as it is likely to be a residual symptom of other condition.
  • Cause by adenovirus - the micro behind conditions such as bronchitis, pneumonia and gastroenteritis
  • It's taking three to four weeks for people to completely recover and clear up within three weeks.
  • The NHS recommends seeing a GP if a cough lasts for more than three weeks.
  • A tip is to improve hand hygiene to stop spread to others and to your own eyes. Otherwise it is a question of staying indoors in the warm because cold air stirs up the cough reflux. 
Whooping cough:
  • Causes repeated coughing bouts that can last for two three months or more ans can make babies and young children in particular very ill.
  • Is spread in the droplets of the coughs or sneeze of someone with the infection.
  • Symptoms of whooping cough: similar to those of a cold, such as runny nose, red watery eyes, a sore throat and a slightly raises temperature.
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Related words

  • cough drops: thuốc ho dạng nước
  • dry cough: thuốc ho dạng viên
  • cough syrup: thuốc ho dạng siro
  • whooping cough: bệnh ho gà
  • hacking cough: ho hắc 
  • bronchitis: bệnh viêm phế quản
  • pneumonia: bệnh viêm phổi
  • gastroenteritis: bệnh đau dạ dày, bao tử
The article [1] said that the cough
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