Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Clothes Phrasal Verb

put on
 put something on, mặc vào
I put on my hat
take off
remove clothes, cởi ra
I take off my shirt
try on
to try something on, thử đồ
At the store, I tried on my T - shirt.
wrap up
put warm clothes on, mặc ấm
Wrap up. It's really cold in winter.
zip up
have a zip and pull it up, kéo khóa kéo 
Zip up. It's cold.
hang up
take off clothes and put them high up, treo, móc đồ lên
Don't leave your clothes on the floor. Hang them up
dress up
wear something that looks extra good, mặc diện đồ đẹp
I have a day, I should dress up tonight
slip on
put on an item of clothing easily and quickly, mặc vội vào
He slipped on his suit and tie.
button up
     cài nút náo
I should button up my jacket
do up
either zip up or button up
I must do up my jacket
have on
wearing, mặc cái gì
what does she have on right now? She has a hat on
throw on
do it quickly, tháo ra nhanh chóng
I threw on my hat and run out the door
kick off
 take off your shoes, cởi giày và đá
She kicked off her shoes when she went home.
wear in
wear something in, take something new, mặc trong sao cho cảm thấy thoải mái, mua mới
My feet hurt. I need to wear my shoes in.
take in
make clothes is smaller, làm cho nhỏ lại
You lose weight and your dress doesn't fit. I'll have to take it in
wear out
to use an item until it is no longer in good condition, không còn vừa, bị mòn do sử dụng lâu
I wore out my boots. I need to buy a new pair of shoes soon.
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