Monday, 17 October 2016


Một số từ vựng học được trong phần này:

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  • menacing: scary, hăm dọa, đe dọa
  • lush: has a lot of green, healthy plant, grass and trees, tươi tốt, xanh tươi
  • jungle: a tropical forest, rừng nhiệt đới 
  • depression (in weather) an area where the air pressure is low bringing cold and wet weather, vùng áp thấp
  • gale fore: strong and damaging wind, gió mạnh
  • shelter: to find or stay in place where a person or thing is protected from bad weather, tránh bão
  • bumpy: uncomfortable way because surface you are moving over is rough, gập ghềnh
  • hammer down: describes very heavy rain, mưa lớn
  • weather the storm : survive a difficult situation, vượt qua cơn bão
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