Saturday, 27 August 2016

Avoid Using The Word 'Very' If You Could Do


You can see the reasons of avoiding using the word 'very' abusively via three telling quotes about 'Very'.
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45 ways to avoid using the word "Very"

Avoid saying very: Rather say: Avoid saying very: Rather say:
afraid terrified neatimmaculate
angry furious oldancient
bad awful poordestitude
beautiful exquisite prettybeautiful
big immense quietsilent
bright dazzling riskyperilous
capable accomplished roomyspacious
clean spotless rudevulgar
clever brilliant serioussolemn
cold freezing smalltiny
conventional conservative strongunyielding
dirty squalid stupididiotic
dry parched tastydelicious
eager keen thingaunt
fast quick tiredexhausted
fierce ferocious uglyhideous
good superb valuableprecious
happy jubilant weakfeeble
hot scalding wetsoaked
hungry ravenous wickedvillainous
large colossal wisesagacious
lively vivacious worriedanxious
loved adored
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