Thursday, 21 April 2016

Sick Idioms

As sick as a dog: 
Meaning: very ill, vomitting a lot bệnh hoạn như một con chó, dùng để nói về tình trạng đau bụng ói mửa nhiều, tình trạng dạ dày có vấn đề
He was sick as a dog after last night's meal

Worried sick:
Meaning: very worried and concerned
bệnh hay lo, đứng ngồi không yên

Her parents were worried sick when she didn't come home all night.
Sick and tired:
Meaning: fed up or unhappy about a situation
chán đến phát ốm

I'm sick and tired of working so hard

As sick as a parrot:
Meaning: very disappointed about something
buồn, sầu thảm, thất vọng
He was sick as a parrot when his team lost the match. 
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