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Words of day #20: in person

Chỉ khi nào làm việc trực tiếp với các bạn Anh, trao đổi công việc với họ qua email, bạn mới cảm nhận được mỗi ngày đều có cái cần học, có thêm động lực để cải thiện khả năng dùng tiếng Anh và mở mang tầm mắt. Cụm từ hôm nay chúng ta học là in person.
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  1. by ​meeting with someone directly (face-to-face) ​rather than (hơn là) ​talking on the ​phone, e-mailing, or writing to the person.
    • I tried to tell you this in person, but you were not in the office.
      Tôi đã thử đến phòng làm việc để nói trực tiếp với anh về điều này, nhưng anh không có ở văn phòng.
    • The Queen was unable to be there in person.
      Nữ hoàng không thể đích thân có mặt ở đó.
  2. If you do something or go ​somewhere in person, you do it or go there yourself.
    • You must ​apply for the ​license in person.
      Bạn phải trực tiếp mang hồ sơ bằng lái/chứng chỉ đi nộp.
    • If you can't be there in person, the next ​best thing is ​watching it on TV.
      Nếu anh không trực tiếp đến đó, điều tốt nhất nên làm tiếp theo là xem nó trên ti vi.
(Definition of in person from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


face-to-face, directly, physically, in the flesh, personally, bodily, actually; oneself; in propria persona;

Real life

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In person interview

If your job application is selected, you will contact for the first interview that used to be done via teleconference meeting such as skype, hang out or telephone. Depending on your answers, probably you could be accepted for the second interview which often called the in person meeting (aka face-to-face interview).
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Dating in person

The article in reported more than half of online friends go on to meet in person. The survey of UK web-users found 45 per cent had telephone conversations with previously exclusive online friends.

In person communication/collaboration

Cisco recently published a worldwide study on the business value of in-person communication in distributed organisations, which assessed the collaboration strategies of businesses with their partners and customers. The research, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, evaluates business leader perspectives globally from 862 businesses across various industries regarding the value of in-person communication and its effect on a number of business processes.
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