Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Words of day #18

That means:


1. The shortage of housing supply is fast becoming a hot potato for the council.
2. The pay rise issue is a hot potato for management; I don't know how they are going to sort this one out between the staff, the union and the shareholders.


  • shadow: n, a small dark area under your eyes.  vết thâm quầng dưới mắt
    She put on make - up to cover the dark shadow under her eyes.
    You've got very small dark shadows under your eyes.
  • shadow: n, someone follows another people everywhere, theo ai đó, bắt chước ai đó
    e.g: ever since he able to walk, Stephen has been his older brother's shadow ( = has followed him and copied his actions)
  • tricky: n, a problem or a piece of work, it's difficult to deal with or needs attention or skill to solve it. vấn đề rắc rối
    e.g: I'm in a bit a tricky situation really- whatever I do I'll offend someone.
  • a tricky problem in ....
  • a tricky situation in ...
  • offend: v, make someone upset or angry, unpleasant, bị xúc phạm, bực mình, tổn thương
    e.g: I think she was a bit of offend that she hadn't been invited to the party.
  • bargain: n, things bought or offered for sale for lower price than normal. sự trả giá, mặc cả mua bán
  • hunt: to search to to try to find someone or something. tìm kiếm, săn lùng
  • bargain hunter: a person who usually search anything that can buy for sale for a lower price than normal. người chuyên đi săn lùng những hàng giá rẻ để mua
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