Thursday, 11 February 2016


Những từ ngữ thường dùng để mô tả đau, bệnh, tai nạn,...
bruise: a purple and brown mark on your skin after hitting
vết bầm tím, vết thâm tím

injection: a piece of material put a medicine into your body using a needle
tiêm thuốc, chích thuốc

burn: to be injury by fire or heat
vết bỏng 

bandage: a piece of paper that you tie around a wound and injured part of your body
miếng băng gạt để băng vết thương

cough: to force air up through you throat with a short loud sound

ointment: a oily substance applied to the skin or heal or protect
thuốc mỡ bôi da

prescription: a piece of paper that a doctor gives you that says what type of medicine you should have, list medicine
toa thuốc 

wound: an injury part of body, especially to cut
vết thương, thương tích 

contagious: describes someone who has a contagious disease
bệnh lây nhiễm

sedative: a drug used to make someone sleep and calm
thuốc ngủ, thuốc an thần

symptom: a characteristic sign that someone has an illness
triệu chứng, dấu hiệu

nausea/ queasy: feeling of sickness in stomache
buồn nôn

sneeze: often happen when you have a cold and blocked nose
hắt hơi,

disease: an illness of the body in human, animal or plants, often caused by infection
bệnh tật

fracture: a break or crack in a bone
đau khớp

unconscious: similar to sleep when you don't see, feel, think...usually as a result of an accident or injury
hôn mê, bất tỉnh, vô ý thức

bleeding: to lose blood because of injured
mất máu, chảy máu

vomit: matter vomited from stomache.
ói mửa

dizzy: feeling turn around
hoa mắt, chóng mặt

faint: feeling might fall over
uể oải, mệt lã

rash: a small red spots in skin
phát ban đỏ

itching: feeling uncomfortable on the skin which want to makes rub with nail

conjunctivitis: a painful infection of the eyes which makes them red and makes eyelids swollen and strictly
bệnh đau mắt đỏ  

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