Thursday, 7 January 2016

Words of day #9

They are two have different things. If someone is potty or going potty, that means they are crazy or going crazy.
Here are these examples:
My boss wants me to work in New Year's Day for no extra money. He must be potty.
She's potty to sell off her old cars so cheaply.
There is another meaning to " potty". If someone really keen on something we can phrase " to be potty about something".
For example:
I really like Japanese comic books, I'm potty about them.
I'm potty about miniature owls: I've got nearly one hundred of them at home.

Meaning of “potty” in the English Dictionary

"potty" in British English

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 UK   /ˈpɒt.i/  US   /ˈpɑː.t̬i/ UK informal

 silly or ​slightly ​crazy:She must have been potty to ​sell that ​car so ​cheaply.I'd go potty if I had to ​work here all the ​ potty about sth/sb to like something very much:He's potty about ​old ​cars.
noun [U] UK   US   /-nəs/

pottynoun [C]

 UK   /ˈpɒt.i/  US   /ˈpɑː.t̬i/ (also pot) mainly UK
 a ​bowl, sometimes with a ​handle, that ​young ​children ​sit on and use as a ​toilet:Don't ​forget to ​sit Jamie on the potty before you take him to the ​zoo.
(Definition of potty from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press

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