Friday, 8 January 2016

6 Minute English - Asking the right questions

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Catch somebody off guard: to surprise someone in a way that often makes them confused (bối rối) or embarrassed ( lúng túng). Làm ai đó mất cảnh giác.
Chat show: a TV or radio program where celebrities talk to their host about various topic. Chương trình đối thoại
Host: a person who presents a TV or radio show and talks to guest celebrities. Người nổi tiếng
Open question: question that can’t be answered with a short answer for example a couple or words or yes or no, they often begin with “wh” (why, what, who etc.)
Juicy detail: information you find interesting because it’s exciting or shocking.
Close question: a question where the choice of answers is limited for example to yes or no or special piece of information.
Hot under the collar: angry and embarrassed. Nóng dưới cổ áo
Elicit: get or produce something for example a reaction. Gợi ý
Defensive: protecting yourself from criticism or attack. Phòng thủ
Drawback: move away. Rời khỏi, rời đi
Make the camera disappear: make something real or authentic làm cho cái gì đó biến mất
Dump: stupid dốt nát, ngu xuẩn
Probing: investigative điều tra, thăm dò
Reveal (tiết lộ)
Secret ( bí mật)

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