Sunday, 23 August 2009

Phrsal verb_1

Phrsal Verbs:
Wake up/ Wake sombody up:
Wake up: to stop sleeping
Wake somebody up : to make sb to stop sleeping
Ex: He’s always in bad mood when he wakes up
Please try not to wake the baby up. I’ve only just get him to sleep
Wake up ≠ lie down
Come across something / somebody: to find or make sth or sb by chances without having planned or thought about it
Ex: she is the most difficult woman I have ever come across
Come across = bump into somebody: meet sb by chance
Look after somebody, something or yourself: to make sure that sb or sth is safe, take care of sb, sth or yourself
ex: She found that looking after to young children on her own was not easy
The bike is expensive, you should look after it
Synonyms: Look after = care for : more formal, look after: use in British English
Look after = take care of: use in American English
Take after somebody: look like or behave like an old member of your family
Ex: I take after my mother but people say I’ve got my father’s character
I don’t take after my parent at all
Give something away: to give sth to so without asking you payment ; as a gift
ex: the shop is giving away a sample pack to every customer
Put something away/ put away something: to put sth in a box, a drawer… because you have finished using it
ex: He already puts away his toys when he’s finished playing with them
when the bell rang, the student quickly put their book away
Throw something away: to put it in rubbish or trash can because don’t use it
Ex: she throws the letter away without reading it
All the fruit had gone bad and had to be thrown away
Call back/ Call somebody back:
Call back: to telephoned again
Call so back: to telephone so who telephoned earlier
Ex: I left lots a message for Sue but she never called me back
Synonyms: call sb back = ring/phone sb back
Break down: to stop working because f a faut
Ex: why are you late? Did the bus break down
cut down: to do less of sth or use sth in smaller amounts
to eat, drink or use less of sth, usually to improve your health or your situation
ex: if you want to lose weight, try cutting down on fatty snacks such as crips
synonyms: cut down = cut back on sth: is use with this meaning, especially in American English
ex :the doctor’s told me to cut back on red meat
11. l
et somebody down: to disappoint so by failling to do what you agreed to do or were ecpected to do
ex: when I was sent to prisor , I really felt I had let my parent down

related word: luet sb down= a let down: sth that is not as good you thoufh or hoped it
put someboday or something down: to write so’s name on a list pr document, usually in order to include them in an event or activity
ex: at the end of the exam, the teacher told everyone to put down their pens
do you want to me put you down for the trip to London?
Put sth down: to kill an animal that is old, ill or injuresd to prevent it from suffering
Ex: if a horse its leg, is usually ha to be put down
Put sb/th down ≠ pick up: nhat len, dung len
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