Sunday, 6 March 2016

Chunks of language

Từ vựng học được:

  • chunks of language: groups of words that naturally go together , tổ hợp các từ thường đi với nhau một cách tự nhiên.
  • to do something on an empty stomach: to so something without eating first, bụng đói meo.
    Ex: you shouldn't go swimming on an empty stomach.
  • a full English breakfast: a cooked breakfast usually with bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, bean, sausage, toast and tea. bữa ăn sáng thịnh soạn của người Anh
    Ex: I usually cornflakes in the morning, but on Sundays I have a full English breakfast
  • to take a long time: to happen slowly, trải qua thời gian dài
    Ex: It take a long time to learn to play tennis
  •  a lot of fun: very enjoyable, rất thú vị
    Ex: The party is a lot of fun
  • all over the world: everywhere around the earth, khắp thế giới
    Ex: I travelled all over the world when I was a military.
  • I'll back in a bit: I'll return soon, quay lại sớm
    Ex: I'm just going to shop. Back it a bit!
  • the rush hour: the time of a day when the traffic is very busy, giờ cao điểm
    Ex: Don't travel by train during the rush hour. You'll have to stand up all the way.
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