Wednesday, 27 January 2016

There's method to my madness

Means doing something look strange but you have a plan and really, you doing something very sensible ( nôm na là có ý nghĩ điên rồ khi làm cái gì đó, làm cái này đúng nhưng chọn con đường ngược lại, ...)
1. I'm driving to my friends house today but I'm going to take the long route, avoid the motorway. There's method to my madness. I think the motorway will be very busy and the long route will be quicker.
2. A: What are you doing putting all the books on the floor?
   B: There's method to my madness. I'm taking a photo of the books I'm putting away. The photos will help me locate the books more easily.
  A: Oh, that's clever
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