Friday, 22 January 2016

The Government spelt 'language' wrong when it announced its new language tests for immigrants

The ironic error comes as immigrant mothers are threatened with deportation
Migrants are to be threatened with deportation if they do not pass tests PA
Từ vựng:
- deportation: n, sự trục xuất
- threatened: v, nguy cơ, đe dọa, hăm dọa
Government officials have spelt the word “language” wrong in an official press release announcing new language tests to be forced on immigrants.
The embarrassing mistake, described as “beyond parody” by tickled social media users, comes as migrants are threatened with deportation if they fail the new tests.
David Cameron announced earlier this week that spouses who came to the UK on a visa to live with their partner would have their English tested after two and a half years.
The hilarious error
If they failed the test there was “no guarantee” they would not be deported, he said. 
The Prime Minister also confirmed that mothers with British citizen children could lose the right to live in the country their children were citizens of.
David Cameron says migrant families could be broken up
and mothers deported if they fail new English test
With British children not necessarily able to live in other countries, families could potentially be broken up by the rule changes.
“You can’t guarantee you’ll be able to stay if you’re not improving your language. It is tough but people coming to our country have responsibility too,” Mr Cameron told the Today programme.
In a press release sent out on Thursday, however, Home Office officials spelt the word “language” wrongly, writing it “langauge”.
A Home Office spokesperson said: “This was a regrettable typographical error that has now been corrected.”
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